As a writer and artist I have created hand bound chapbooks of poetry, art books made of hand tinted papers and painted canvas covers sewn together.

As a co-editor and publisher of Toward the Light: Journal of Reflective Word & Image I have experienced the many layers of book design from editing to layout to final printed/bound book.

If you have written work, whether fiction, poetry, non-fiction – I can help you create the “container” for your work – the book.

The process: you have a finished manuscript. It is edited, spell checked and ready to be formed into a book. Together we make the decisions on interior style – the fonts for titles and text, spacing, margins etc. and the cover imaging and information. While the editing, isbn number, printing and marketing of your book is your job, I can support and guide your process and refer you to sources of information as you build your book.

For more information on the process of book design please contact me.

Book Gallery –  a sampling of work I have done