dlcAbout EarthWord Creative

I am a small business for small businesses and I am an artist and writer.

My passion is expression – to explore its many variations, all the languages of word and image I might communicate with – and the sharing of this experience and knowledge.

My background is as varied as my interests - a degree in Social Work, a family run business I grew up with, my late blossoming interest in art making, my life long love of writing. Later in life I added desk top publishing and web design. All these parts complement one another. I was born and mostly raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but now make my home with my husband on Vancouver Island in a rural area just past the town of Sooke.

What’s different about my business service?

I’m a one person company. Maybe that doesn't sound enough for your needs. Lots of businesses need teams. But for small businesses on limited budgets (and a reminder to artists and writers that if you're selling your work you are a small business) - I am enough to set you on your way.  I offer personalized service – often combining the services of a virtual assistant with the design and development process.

An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea. – Buddha