dlcAbout EarthWord Creative & Me

I am a small business for small businesses and I am an artist and writer.

My passion is expression – to explore its many variations, all the languages of word and image I might communicate with – and the sharing of this experience and knowledge.

My background is as varied as my interests – a degree in Social Work, a family run business I grew up with, my late blossoming interest in art making, my life long love of writing. Later in life I added desk top publishing and web design. All these parts complement one another. I was born and mostly raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but now make my home with my husband on Vancouver Island in a rural area just past the town of Sooke.

What’s different about my business service?

I’m a one person company. Maybe that doesn’t sound enough for your needs. Lots of businesses need teams. But for small businesses on limited budgets (and a reminder to artists and writers that if you’re selling your work you are a small business) – I am enough to set you on your way.  I offer personalized service – often combining the services of a virtual assistant with the design and development process.

My business

I started out by making websites on assignment for school, then for my family: my sister, a sport psychologist; my brother, a fly fishing guide and bamboo rod maker and another sister who owns shoe stores in Calgary. This led to other work, the most complicated of them belonging to Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute. (Recently re-designed and moved to WordPress system.)  Through this work I learned to do better and more complicated work. The print element came with the design work – mainly simple magazine ads, newsletters, postcards etc. and my book design skills were sharpened by varied types of books such as poetry collections, non-fiction and fiction collections. 

I have been working at print and web design for several years. In that same time I have published poet’s chapbooks (hand bound, editions of 100) as “if press” and with Fenna Schaapman, I co-edited, designed and published a biannual print literary magazine called“Toward the Light: Journal of Reflective Word & Image“. After 5 issues and a lot of our money, we shut the magazine down. We were two women with a big idea that eventually overwhelmed us but it was a fabulous experience – we did everything: promotion, website, print layout/design, editing, writing articles etc. We interviewed creatives like Susan MusgraveNick Bantock and other artists in various creative fields. Each edition featured black and white photography, poetry, short story and essay.

The magazine concept is still under my skin despite the technological revolution occurring in the print industry.

One day, maybe again . . .

But I was speaking of EarthWord Creative. I am especially interested in the concept of creative community. Here at EarthWord Creative I will talk/dialogue about things technical and creative and occasionally on the importance of breathing and moving. I will endeavour to answer questions about existing on the world wide web and on the printed page and sometimes I will ask questions.

An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea. – Buddha